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Pain management for Acute and Chronic Pain


Pain management is 50% of the total treatment of the injury with the other 50% being specialized exercise programmes for the patient to return to Normal Daily Activity levels (NDL).

GS Physiomed uses the latest equipment for acute and chronic pain that can be used according to the stage of the injury: laser, ultrasound and specialized techniques such as mobilization, dry needle trigger points.

Neurological Conditions


Two types of Neurological disorders exist:

  • Peripheral nerve system damage

  • Central nerve system damage

The Peripheral nerve system is affected by peripheral nerves (no damage to the brain) like Sciatica problems or temporary paralysis of the muscle due to injury or an accident.

The treatment for these types of problems involves specialised equipment to stimulate the nerve and to prevent muscle atrophy (muscle wasting).


Central nerve system damage occurs due to brain injury or Spinal cord injury such as strokes, MS, ALS, Alzheimer etc.

The treatment for these conditions involves specialised kinesiotherapy and exercise protocols, occupational therapy and speech therapy.

Cardiological and respiratory treatment


Cardiological rehabilitation for conditions relating to the heart (e.g heart attack) includes personalised exercise programmes in our specialized gym under the strict supervision of professional fitness instructors, aiming to improve the hearts function, strength and condition.

Respiratory conditions, such as chronic bronchitis, asthma or any other condition that affects the respiratory system, is treated with specialized techniques aiming to improve oxygen capacity and muscle condition of the patient.

Sports physiotherapy 

Sports physiotherapy deals with the common Sports injuries that occur during training and competition period and their Physiotherapy management. It also aims at improving the Physical Fitness of the Sports person, which helps in their performance in Sports. 


GS Physiomed offers the right areas equipped with the specialised equipment and personnel to treat sports injuries and provide post operation rehabilitation using modern programmes and techniques while aiming for the quickest recovery time, to get the athlete back into sports as soon as possible.

Biomechanical analysis and testing


The biggest problem for the human body is the effort to work against gravity. This usually causes incorrect posture.

Incorrect posture can lead to compensation and it can cause lumbar and cervical spine problems.

GS Physiomed has developed an Evaluation and Testing Model and MTT (Medical Training Therapy)

This evaluation methodology, using specialized testing and equipment, focuses on identifing instability, compensations and reduced flexibility, which can cause joint problems or soft tissue problems.


Specialized protocols are used under the supervision of specialized personnel to prevent and rectify problems in posture, e.g core stability, balance programs and strengthening.


Water reduces pain and alleviates tension, enabling you to work on your body with specific exercises to strengthen the body and reduce the effects of chronic conditions or post operation effects.

A specialised hydro therapist or physiotherapist can work with you using custom made programme for your condition in a hydrotherapy pool. This has been medically proven to have beneficial effects and a quicker recovery time.